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Initial Setup Instructions

Your welcome package includes:

  • vsNEW Device
  • 6” Extension cable
  • 4” Pry bar
  • Tesla Model 3 and Y adapter (2019-Current)
  • Tesla Model S and X adapter (2012-2015) in Green
  • Tesla Model S and X adapter (2016-Current) in Yellow

How to set up your account:

  • Download the iOS app called “vsNEW Vehicle Data Collection” onto your Apple device
  • Sign up and verify your account on
  • Review for our growing list of supported vehicles

How to create reports for most vehicles:

  • Turn the vehicle ignition on and plug the vsNEW device into the diagnostic port (use the 6” extension cable if the port is difficult to plug into)
  • Run the vsNEW app and log in
  • Select your vehicle from the list of supported vehicles and click Connect
  • Once the vsNEW device reads the VIN, Select the model / trim, take an optional picture of the vehicle, and then click Next
  • After the device collects all the data, Remove the device, and click Continue
  • After the app uploads all the diagnostic data, click Complete and you will receive your report shortly

How to create reports for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y (2019-Current)

  • Enter the vehicle through one of the back doors
  • On the main screen, select the Safety menu, scroll down, and select Power Off
  • Remove the panel between the front seats using the included pry bar
  • Push the tab on the blue cable to separate the connectors and plug the diagnostic cable between the 2 Tesla connectors
  • Plug the vsNEW device into the diagnostic cable and follow the instructions above

How to create reports for Tesla Model S and Model X

  • Push down and detach the storage panel under the main screen
  • Find the blue Tesla connector and connect the Green (2012-2015) or Yellow (2016-Current) adapter
  • Plug the vsNEW device into the adapter and follow the instructions above

Using the vsNEW iOS App

Installation Videos


1) I cannot pair the vsNEW Bluetooth device with my iOS device – what’s going on?

Our device does not require pairing or any other configuration process. Just plug the device into your vehicle and click connect on the vehicle selection screen. The app handles all pairing / handshaking / connecting automatically.

2) I don't see the Connect button even with the device plugged in.

First, confirm the permissions - Location, Bluetooth, Camera, and Cellular Data should be allowed. Click on Settings, scroll down to vsNew and select it. Here is what you should see -

iPhone Settings vsNEW

Once you have checked your permissions, Please reset the app by closing it, turning Bluetooth off then on, and restarting the app and logging in again. Hint - if you aren't logging into the app once again, that means you are just minimizing the app and not actually closing it.

3) I ran a report but it says "Alert - Incomplete Report"

Alert - Incomplete Report

For some vehicles, we require a minimum 50% State of Charge to run a complete test. In our analysis on the risk of premature failure due to cell imbalance, we evaluate the individual cell voltage values. At lower charge levels, the difference between cell voltages is muted, so it becomes more difficult to differentiate between a normal fluctuation and a persistent issue.